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by olivier


fashion-premier.com is a new concept on-line media devoted to fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

By sharng the most up-to-date worldwide fashion and beauty trends, celebrity dressing, inedit fashion moments, editor’s picks, we guide evey user to be a fashionista. Incorporating the trends and fashions you find in fashion-premier.com with your own style is the very first key tip on how to be a fashionista.

Moreover, love and care missions are also our big concern. Our fashion meets charity platform supports human care missions which give help to people in developing nations.

We also give prominence to l’art de vivre , and a more conscious lifestyle. Be sure to check out our lifestyle contents which cover varied aspects of life: Gourmet, Travel, Well Being, Art &Culture, Wedding and Insightful Living. We support and promote upcycled designs, good food and kind products, let’s join hands and make this world a better place !

Do you French Touch ? To highlight our profound French sensibility, 《French Touch 》a 100% French platform is deisgned for ultra targetted users who are interested in French fashion and culture, a universe where fans and users can share most inside local news about French brands and designers, collections and products, events and people.

fashion-premier.com is an ideal fashionista’s circle where you can find and share inspirations, ideas and opinions. You are welcome to follow us on :

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International Creative Director : Thierry Dunglas

Editorial Director : Mabel Nitkowski

Editors : Jojo Li, Nata Chan

Assistant Editor :  Alice Ho

Contributors: Kevin Tsang, Megan S.,Jane Li